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David Alemian is the best talent retention and recruitment expert in the country.  Alemian offers an innovative and disruptive approach to Talent retention and recruitment, enabling America to grow and sustain its booming economy.

Since 2010, Alemian has been laser-focused on finding a solution to employers’ challenges concerning skilled workforce shortages.  He has engaged in countless conversations with CEOs, understanding their frustrations and the need for a solution that works.  His personal connection with the CEOs underscores his commitment to addressing their needs.

Through experience and research, Alemian has developed a unique, industry-disrupting approach to addressing skilled workforce shortages.

Alemian’s solution is universal to overcoming the challenge of skilled labor shortages.  It works across all industries, from professions to blue-collar trades; every organization needing skilled labor can receive help from Alemian work.  Alemian’s solution is often described as brilliant because businesses and municipalities can use his solution as a roadmap to build world-class organizations.