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Chelsey Gray is the owner of Chelsey Gray Consulting, offering comprehensive business development services.

A Wyoming native, she’s a multi-talented individual with a background in athletics, military service, and business. Committed to serving her community, Chelsey is dedicated to protecting and empowering others, particularly survivors of exploitation. She’s driven by a mission to bring awareness to social issues and provide resources for healing.

In her career journey, she transitioned from military service to sales and marketing, ultimately founding her consulting firm.

Chelsey’s future goals include expanding her philanthropic efforts globally. Outside work, she enjoys fostering genuine connections in her community and engaging in activities like serving in church ministries and mentoring other business owners.

In her personal life, Chelsey finds joy in spending time with her family, husband, and dog, as well as hosting gatherings for loved ones. She envisions an ideal weekend in San Diego filled with outdoor activities, time with friends, and meaningful moments with her husband and pet. Overall, Chelsey embodies resilience, compassion, and a relentless dedication to making a positive impact.